NUMB Hunger Projects

This is an interfaith organization that provides animals and other forms of help to rural families.  Heifer Project helps people get a sustainable source of food and income.  Project families gain new skills and self-esteem from the training and support they receive in caring for their animals to improve their lives.

UMCOR logo

United Methodist Committee on Relief: Africa University Agriculture Program.  Developing Africa University’s farm to improve instruction for agriculture students and area farmers To provide facilities for agriculture practical’s for 100 degree-level students every year, and research facilities for 10 undergraduate and 10 graduate students. To provide all the eggs and milk, 80% of the chicken and pork meat for the AU Dormitory Food Service at prices no higher than local prices. To provide revenue to the university equal to 10% of the operating budget of the farm

Part of the money raised for NUMB this year will go to the Food Banks in Lincoln and Omaha which serve the Food Pantries in all 93 counties of Nebraska.  Three-fourths of the households using the food pantry system include children.  The latest information obtained showed that 235,000 individuals were served in this state.  

Society of St. Andrew

Hunger is a complex and many-faceted tragedy that holds a large part of the world’s family in bondage. Because of the scope of hunger, many of us feel there is nothing that one person can do. We think the tragedy is too massive for one person’s action to be effective. Such is not the case. Each of us can make an impact on behalf of our hungry brothers and sisters. The Society of St. Andrew believes that all of us working together can eliminate world hunger, beginning by ending hunger in America.  $1,000 helps a soup kitchen feed 500 people a month—  $500 gives 3 families fruits and vegetables for a year —  $100 provides 5,000 servings of healthy produce — $50 delivers 700 pounds of fresh veggies to a food pantry

100% of all the funds raised for these projects will go to help those in need.   No donations are used for administrative costs.


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